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Thread: Adding T3?

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    Adding T3?

    OK boys I'm 6 and a half weeks into a 16 week cycle.
    First 6 weeks were Tren 400mg/wk, Test 500mg/wk, Mast 400mg/wk. I am now off the Tren and am on NPP 400mg/wk, backed off the test to 400mg/week and was just about to add in EQ at 500mg/wk.

    My goal for this cycle is to lean/tighten up while adding strength. I started the cycle at 243lbs. I am already 6'2'' 250lbs so I'm not trying to bulk much more. I have a good amount of T3, would it be a good idea to throw some into the mix? Maybe the last 1/3rd of the cycle? If so, what dose? I was thinking 25mcg/day for a week or so until I see how I tolerate it (never ran it before).

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    one of the main benefits to taking T3 specially while dieting down/cutting , even at a replacement dosage, is that the metabolism variable becomes 'fixed'.

    a fixed variable is a very useful tool while dieting down.. having to manipulate your calories, your carbs, your cardio, etc.. all the damn time because your metabolism keeps fighting against you can be a pain. so even a 25mcg replacement dosage of T3 at least helps keep metabolic variables more fixed.

    also your T4/t3 natty production is likely slightly suppressed from the tren run .

    note - for recomp and bulking/hypertrophy I generally prefer T4 over T3
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