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    nandrolone, finasteride and hair

    Is the combo of nandrolone and finasteride destructive to hair? I've done a lot of "google research" (partly because nobody wants to talk about hair even though there are ways to do AAS and keep your hair, even for those predisposed), and the bro-science suggests that the combo is bad for hair.
    Nandrolone is barely androgenic so it should be fine but a lot of sources say that it is a bad combo with finasteride, for hair.
    "Why take finasteride with nandrolone?" Because I need to take my test with my NPP in order to keep from feeling shitty and prevent ED.
    Opinions welcomed, experiential knowledge requested and sources of more info/studies solicited.

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    Whether a compound is anabolic or androgenic has little to do w it to my knowledge.From what I was told: It has to do w dht. Even if it is a compound that does not end being reduced to dht, it binds other things that would otherwise bind to dht, still ending up in higher dht levels. I forget the exact details.

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    I’m so glad I don’t have any issues with this through 13 years of running dhts, nanadrolone and pretty much everything under the sun.
    Back to the original point it’s definitely not just dhts that give a problem to those with make pattern baldness. From what I’ve seen Tren can be a killer for some people’s hairlines despite not being dht.

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    That would seem to be an odd combo to cause hair loss as low dose Fina is a hair loss treatment. I'm betting this is more 'bro' than 'science' but am far from an expert.

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    the combination of nandrolone and fina is likely going to lead to sexual disfunction way before hair loss . I'd be more concerned with that and want to avoid that combo for that purpose first and foremost (now there are some guys running this combo but its within a TRT protocol and other things are mitigating this effect .. I think KelKel runs low dose deca year round with Fina as well with his trt)

    Nandrolone is not androgenic and converts to DHN (rather then DHT) and it actually becomes an anti androgen over time. DHN binds to DHT receptors and 'occupies' them just like DHT would, be it does not illicit any of the androgenic effects like DHT does.
    this is partly why some guys will get "deca dick" , as they don't have enough DHT and estrogen for sexual function and DHN has basically "taken over".

    applying this to hair loss - Nandrolone wouldn't seem to play much of a role in hair loss being the DHN it converts to isn't going to display androngeic effects on DHT receptors in hair follicles . adding Fina to this seems irrelevant , and would only add to the little amount of DHT you do have being blocked in other type 1 and type 2 receptors in other tissues as well (like your manhood).. and again as I mentioned, would likely accelerate sexual disfunction.

    of course this sexual issue could be meditated quite a bit by simply adding an SHBG lowering AAS compound to your protocol which then in turn frees up a bunch more DHT into the blood stream and then of course adding in test to get even more DHT and estrogen conversion. however, there will still be a host of receptors bound up by DHN that is not doing anything androgenic.

    note- the reason why some "dht" derived steroids can accelerate hair loss , is NOT because they are actual DHT at all or that they can even convert to DHT.. they are already 5 alpha reduced and thus cannot be any further reduced within the body (so they can't convert to DHT) ..
    so why do you then get DHT sides when on some things like Winny or Mast or Proviron .. well because these drugs lower SHBG and SHBG is a hormone binding protein that binds up mainly DHT ,, when SHBG levels drop you then have more DHT 'free' and in the blood stream unbound.
    which can be a big benefit for sexual function, but not so much on the hairline

    its a tricky balance between all these things . sometimes you just gotta experiment on yourself and see what works or doesn't for you.
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    Ive run fina and nandralone. Fina is probably the only reason i still have hair. In fact, i think i have more hair now than before i ever used aas. I dont see how nandralone can react with fina and cause more hairloss than without fina. Ive also never had any sexual side affects. When i want a “boost” i run caber with nandralone and it actually makes my libido a little too much!

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