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Thread: Issues with Prolactin and AI, Halp!

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    Issues with Prolactin and AI, Halp!

    Hello All,

    Long story short here is what happened:

    -Tried a Deca Only cycle (750mg/wk). Dont recommend it although its a new fad gaining traction. Pinned the deca only 4 times over 2 weeks and had major prolactin issues (Got bloods done to confirm). noticed it in the form of sore/puffy nips with a lump (although the lump has always been there from my teens, it just seems bigger, but maybe thats in my head, its only on one side) and oily skin. Taking .5mg caber every 3 days now for that which is helping. Its been 2 weeks on the caber though and the nips are still slightly tender, is that normal? How long should I run the caber for?

    -Dropped the deca completely and decided to switch to 500mg Test-E a week for the rest of my cycle. Its been over a week now since first pin of the test, and all seems well there. However I am using Aromsin as my AI and its my first time ever using it. Everywhere I look there are different dosage recommendations. I have been doing 13.5mg of aromasin ED and all of a sudden a wave of issues overcame me. Mood went to shit, obsessive/jealous thoughts are running rampant, anddd as of last night there are getting it up issues with the woman. That last one is the one side I cannot tolerate.

    My questions:
    1. Do I even need the Aromasin on a basic 500mg a wk Test E cycle? I feel like the aromasin may be crashing my E2 and thats why all of a sudden I am having these new issues. Should I stop taking it and let things level out?

    2. As for the tender/puffy nips, what would you recommend I do here? Again I have been on .5mg caber E3D for 2 weeks. But Since I dropped the deca I dont think prolactin is an issue anymore. I have read that at the beginning of cycles it is perfectly normal to have puffy/sensitive nips but I just want to be sure about everything.

    (Edit+Add) 3. I read that adding in nolva could solve the puffy/sensitive nips. Is that really okay to do while on cycle? I always thought Nolva was for PCT only.

    I just want my libido back more than anything, and to continue to feel great like I have on every test cycle I have done.Ugh....

    Any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Bragging to someone
    this is whats likely going on

    your gyno issues are NOT from prolactin . even if prolactin was elevated on blood work, the gyno is still estrogen related. BUT your estrogen levels were likely not elevated at all, and may of actually been on the low end (cause you were running a deca only cycle, E levels usually go down).

    so how do you have estrogen related gyno if your estrogen was not high ? because the deca as a progestin was acting on progestin receptors as actual progesterone.. what this did was raise your prolactin levels and then made you super sensitive to estrogen. so even low levels of estrogen can cause this estrogenic side effects.

    now what happened next ,, was you got on test and decided to start running an AI (bad move) . your estrogen levels were already low to begin with from being on a deca only cycle . so now with the AI in there with low e to begin with , you crashed your estrogen . thats why your mood is shit and your having low libido and all these other issues. you made the problem worse, not better, by adding the AI in.

    keep taking the test. stop the AI .. then add 20mg of Nolva per day . the nolva will only blunt e receptors in breast tissue but not stop blood serum levels of estrogen to elevate (which is what you need to happen)

    switch to test prop to make things happen quicker , you likely need more DHT and Estrogen at this point (deca only cycles cause both DHT and Estrogen levels to diminish)
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    I find it interesting that you have what sounds like higher dht/androgen sides like oily skin, jealous, and aggressiveness yet your androgens on the compounds you have mentioned are not very high.

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    Thank you so much for the reply Geardheaded! This is exactly what I was looking for. It seems my old source for peptides is now gone, so woohoo its back to sourcing a new one.

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