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Thread: Looking for feedback on this cycle

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    Looking for feedback on this cycle

    Just looking for feedback on this cycle. Using it for growth purposes. Explicitly looking for feedback on the cycle so not including anything else.

    Weeks 1-12
    750mg Test
    750mg EQ
    500mg Deca
    800mg Masteron Enanthate

    Anticillaries (Used for Full Cycle)
    10mg Nolva
    30-50iu+ Insulin 6-7 days/week
    8-10iu HGH/day on workout days
    T4 75mcg/day
    MK677 25mg/day before bed

    Any feedback or recommendations? None of these steroids or Anticillaires are new to me besides MK677
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    I like it..

    only thing I would change is simply lower the dose of Masteron (you don't need that much unless you were cutting or in contest prep) , but then raise the dosage of Deca . so maybe 500 mast, 600 deca
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