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    Question pre-use research

    I have been interested in starting my first cycle. However what are the effects of such use to one who has hypertension (high blood pressure). Is there any non circulatory effecting cycle? My Doctor is not sure!

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    The lower the water retention, the less the raise in blood pressure for the most part. Maybe a prop cycle at moderate doses? If you do decide to go with the cycle, have your bp monitored daily and if it gets into a dangerous level, stop your cycle. Also drink 3 gallons of water a day and keep your cardio work up. btw, i'd advise against doing a cycle with high bp but if you're going to do it anyway, do it the safe way. I'm not a doc either, so don't listen to me at all, just speaking from personal experience.

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    get your diet in check, and you can lower your bp. Watch sodium especially.

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    no matter what your blood pressure will rise. i would keep a constant eye on it. but be prepared to see higher #'s when you are testing yourself.

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    Stay away from deca . Use a lower dose test and make sure you have anti-e's, diet is in check, and BP med if necessary. If this is a dangerous condition for you I would not recommend it at all.

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    Any and all AAS can have the potential for raising BP and decreasing HDL's. Some worse than others. Orals tend to decrease the HDL's worse. The ones that put on the weight fast will be the hardest on the cardiovascular system. Remember some AAS are mild CNS stims as well. But the good thing is we have the drugs go combat the sides.

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