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Thread: Anyone have a general sense of side-effects by probability?

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    Anyone have a general sense of side-effects by probability?

    Side-effects like:

    Post-cycle depression
    Heart enlargement

    And the plethora of others.

    I really don't want an enlarged heart and it would suck to see my receding but fairly good head of hair go bald.

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    Statistics are meaningless to the individual.

    First, look to yourself and blood related family members to get a better sense of the likelihood of these events occurring to you.

    Second, look to the reputations certain compounds have for causing certain issues.

    I think AAS usage can and often will put a magnifying glass on some of the best and worst aspects already within us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGypsyKing View Post
    Side-effects like:

    Post-cycle depression
    Heart enlargement

    And the plethora of others.

    I really don't want an enlarged heart and it would suck to see my receding but fairly good head of hair go bald.
    Unfortunately, thereís no way to even guess at this stuff ahead of time.

    I donít get post cycle depression, but Iím a TRT patient so I never have to deal with the roller coaster hormones that come during PCT.

    I was balding by the time I was 19, and didnít hit my first pin until my early 30s.

    Iím actually far more pleasant and positive when on cycle, but I havenít used any compounds yet that are known for causing more aggression (halo, cheque drops , tren , etc.)

    Heart enlargement comes with training, with or without drugs. Itís just a function of your heart getting worked harder, especially the pressures created by lifting. AAS just make it grow a bit more, kinda how it does with most muscle tissue.
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    I started steroids a little over a year ago. Have been doing TRT along with a few cycles.

    At 32 my hair was already slightly receding and thinning on top. It was not noticeable to anyone but me, as I’ve always had thick, full hair. Now, it feels a little thinner even. DHT, what testosterone converts into, shrinks the hair follicles. I have started finasteride about a month or two ago and so far I haven’t seen many changes.

    My heart was slightly enlarged at age 27 from natural lifting. Got an echo and all that, so I’m not guessing.

    Anger only happens for me when increasing doses or coming off a cycle. And by that I mean going back to TRT doses. Once I level out, I’m back to normal. Like Gallow, I feel pretty good mentally on cycle. I’m more assertive and a little more sure of myself. Some days you will feel more emotional, like tearing up at a sad scene in a movie, or thinking about family, regrets, etc. Those days are very rare for me, and only happened when I doubled my dose one time.

    You can’t forget about the skin. Skin seems rougher, increased body hair. I get a lot of back acne but I combat that with sacilic acid body wash and finasteride.

    Other things I have experienced that may or may not have been directly related to what steroids I was taking: lethargy, cramping in legs/back, lower back pain/kidneys?, increased blood pressure, having to pee more/during the night.
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    most side effects of AAS properly used can be mitigated. steroids are some of the safest drugs on the planet (Tylenol kills 100s of people every year)


    - if you don't want an enlarged heart then don't frickin do intense HIIT cardio when your on a gram of test
    - if you don't want back acne then don't keep taking drugs that elevate your DHT levels
    - if you don't want your dick to stop working then stop taking AI's and crushing your estrogen

    also I think a lot of side effects are nutrition and lifestyle based. the AAS is just exaggerating and putting a magnifying glass on things.

    AAS require 'co factors' and micro nutrients to work property.. when you strip your body of these things through diet and lifestyle choices the drugs can 'spill over' and cause negative side effects.

    you can be on 2 grams of gear and get all sorts of negative side effects because your nutrition is total crap.
    you can be on 2 grams of the same gear next time and not get a single negative side effect at all cause your nutrition is optimal

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    What makes the poison is the high dosage and for long time.If an AAS user makes conscious use, respecting his own body, he will hardly pay these side effects!
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    Being unnaturally large in terms of muscle tissue will cause your organs to enlarge. They will be overworked just like the rest of your body.

    Joints deteriorate from excessive work and the brightest stars burn out the fastest.

    If a person seeks longevity they will be moderate in all things including muscle mass.

    Who wants to live long and average?
    Take my hair, shrink my balls.
    Make my heart large enough to feed my muscles.
    Kill me before I get weak.

    Heart attack works just fine for me.
    Just don't let me die before my summit.

    They aren't multivitamins.
    A human being is only so big for a reason, naturally.
    Yes you can use it in moderation without ill effect.

    You can't eat 6-10k cal every day shooting grams and carrying around two extra people worth of mass and expect to grow old. Thats just not natural.

    Everyone is genetically predisposed to certain things.
    My lineage predestiny is high bp cholesterol and heart attack with a side of dementia if we live to be old enough.

    I need to speed up the heart attack factor a little so I don't get any more batshit than I am. Mission accomplished.
    Now I need to slow it down so I see my summit.
    Steroids arent the culprit. Being enormous and living that way and doing what it takes to be that way is lethal.
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    I no longer check my inbox. If you PM me I will not reply.

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    It sounds like to me that steroids just arent for you. Maybe continue this little thing naturally without taking or injecting anything. Side effects happen, this is a hardcore sport once you cross over chances are you will never go back. Dont risk it over a couple pounds of bodyweight. I mean, what if your heart got bigger?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallowmere View Post
    I’m actually far more pleasant .

    Had to read that twice....
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