I'm planning my fourth cycle, last was about 2 year ago.
I never stopped training but the last natural cuts and joint pains made me lose muscles.
Now I'm thinking to run 16 weeks Test E 500mg per week and EQ 400mg. Adex 0.5 eod. Hcg 250ui 2xweek. Pct nolva 40/20/20/20 clomid 75/50/50/25
My goal is put lean muscle mass and strenght.
Stats: 192 lbs 5'9'' 33y bf 12%
first cycle only test c 400 1-12 / second cycle test e 600 1-14 / third cycle 1-9 test c 500 - Var 50 stopped by problems (var was dianabol ) Pct was the same and hcg during cycle every time.
advice with dosages and AI ? In my previous cycles BW detected high E2 levels with 0.25 adex switch to 0.5 e3d, i'm estrogen sensitive? Nolva 10 ed instead of Adex is more popular now but is a better choice for me ? Thanks