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Thread: How much test?

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    How much test?

    Hi all
    So im curzing now at 200 mg test e/w
    Thinking about my next blast
    Tren a 350/w for 10-12 weeks
    Masterone p 350/w for 10-12 weeks
    Kickstart with some drol 50-100 mg/day for 4 -5 weeks.
    How much test do u guys think i need ?
    *Got caber and nolva on hand*
    *Gonna run udca and nac *
    I want as much as less bloat i hate it
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    You'll get a thousand opinions... Personally, If you really want to avoid bloat, I would stay at 200 a week like you are now. Let the 350 Tren do the heavy lifting.

    If you do up the Test, to say 500/wk, I'd up the mast to 500 a week too.
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    Leave the test where its at, it all is good by week 3 keep it that way if you think you need to increase it try 400mg ew. I agree with charlie u may need a bit more masteron but like i said run it and see.

    Never been a fan of starting out at high doses, bc then you have no where to go but up the dose as your cycles continue
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    I would do the following

    Week 1 - Week 6
    600 mg Testo per week
    I would use 50 mg Anavar instead of Anadrol every day, but if you want you can continue with your Drol.

    And would indicate 10 to 20 mg of Nolvadex every day

    Week 7 - Week 12
    200 mg of Testo per week
    600 mg Masteron per week
    600 mg Trenbolone
    10 to 20 mg of nolvadex every day

    With the addition of Masteron and Trenbolone in the middle of your cycle, you can get better cosmetic effects by preventing puffiness.
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