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    howmuch cytomel/t3 in cycle

    He guys,

    I'm in week 7 of my deca /winnie cycle, and I want to add some cytomel .

    My reason for T3 is, that it should increase the steroid effect, and hopefully, it will reduce my bodyfat somewhat.
    Can someone tell me what dose I should use.

    I was thinking myself of 50 mg ED, for 2 weeks, and 100mg for 2 or 3 weeks

    my cycle
    wk 1-8 400 deca, 25 winstrol wk 7-8 T3 50mcg ED
    wk 9-11 300, 200,100 primo wk 9-11 T3 100mg ED
    wk 12-14 clomid 50 mg ED
    if needed, a few weeks superclen

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