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Thread: Tren itch?

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    Tren itch?

    I am on 400mg of tren a week, Iím on my 7th week. I have been extremely itchy all over my body and break out in hives in different areas right after a workout, the hives subside after a couple of hours and itís usually on my back or shoulders, but the itching is persistent, does anyone know whatís causing this? It does not seem to be a side affect of tren. Only thing I could find was that it might be Cholestasis. Please inform.

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    I'm going through the same thing, but I'm only on Test Cyp. 3 different sources, and oils, and am still having symptoms. I'm hearing everything from possible estrogen issues, thyroid, of hemocrit problems.

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    Hmmm, I have never heard of it from tren either. If it only happens after a session then it could just be from sweaty oily skin.

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    never heard of it either.
    I would look more into laundry detergent, fabric sheets.

    Maybe it was changed and you are reacting from the sweat.

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    Ya I had the same thing awhile back on my tren cycle. Some one said it might be the oil and your having a mild allergic reaction to it. What help for me was taking an anti histamine when I started getting itchy. Once I was done with the tren that problem went away.
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    The last time I had itching like that after a workout etc. my HCT was 55. Just a though. This was not on tren though but 600mg test and 600mg EQ.

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