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Thread: Need Advice for Second Cycle: Test + Anavar

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    Question Need Advice for Second Cycle: Test + Anavar

    Hey guys,

    First off, Iím brand new to the site but plan on being a regular so whatís up! haha

    Anyways, here are my known stats:

    Age: 24
    Height: 5í11
    Weight: 175
    First cycle: Test Cyp 500mg x week

    Unfortunately, I gained some fat and lost muscle due to not going to the gym for 3-4 months...
    Did some research and decided to start my second cycle with Test Cyp and Anavar .

    Now, I keep seeing different advice online and want to get the absolute best cycle down before proceeding like an idiot lol.

    Is this cycle great for shedding fat with the appropriate diet?

    Also, what PCT should I take?

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    To lose fat just eat below the maintenance calories or eat the maintenance calories and compensate with training. So it is possible to burn body fat.
    Well, exogenous testosterone increases the metabolic rate, which in calorie deficit will increase lipolysis (preserving muscle mass).
    GearHeaded, a great AAS guru from steroid .com, once commented here that Anavar 50mg equals 1,000mg testo.

    Anavar makes a cycle with a high anabolic load and is certainly an excellent steroid for burning body fat in combination with some testosterone!

    Anavar is one of the actual fat burning steroids .

    GH He once mentioned that it's much better to rotate oral steroids than just using it in the first few weeks.

    So by logic, you would start with a high dose of Anavar and decrease your dosage over the next few weeks. This will end your cycle with the minimum dose of Anavar.

    Well, if you want a more solid recovery in your PCT, it is recommended to use hcg from start to finish of your steroid cycle (250iu twice a week to keep your natural testosterone production running).

    End of cycle tips:

    You should wait 18 days after your last testosterone cypionate injection to start using Nolvadex plus Clomid together for 4 weeks.

    40 mg nolvadex per day for the first week, 100 mg clomid per day for the first week.

    And nolvadex 20 mg per day for the next 3 weeks with 50 mg clomid per day.Well that's it my brother!
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    Appreciate it! I’ll see if I make a thread for updates on this cycles progress .

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