Hi guys, I apologize in advance for my not perfect English but I'm Italian and I help myself with Google. I have a doubt about the end of my second cycle. The cycle is set up like this:

Week 1-12 testo ena/cipyo 250mg every 5 days
Week 2-12: arimidex 0,25 every 2 days
Week 2-12: DIM 500mg
Week 9-12: HCG 250UI every 2 days
Week 2-12: proviron 50mg all day

It was my intention to enter in the week 6/7 Tbol but they advised me against it because of the high cost and because the profit will be minimal. They recommended winstrol . I thought, being less toxic tbol and not interested in having a dry appearance during this period, that it was going well and I also knew that the gains were better in terms of mass and more sustainable than winstrol. I accept opinions and advice, what do I do? do I trust and go to win or do I remain of my idea on tbol? thank you very much in advance for the answers

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