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    Your thoughts on my next cycle

    Just finished a short 6 week modest cycle.

    15mg dbol first 4 weeks, 25mg last 2 weeks

    100mg enanthate shot 2X week for total of 200mg per week

    200mg deca per week.

    Okay, so before you tell me the doses were too low, I know it was, and no, I didn't get amazing results. I definitely got mad stronger, and people tell me I look bigger, but I only put on a few pounds, and I'm a little veinier.

    So next cycle I'm thinking of doubling the dosages pretty much. But some say you need to switch up 'roids so the receptors don't get saturated. I've also heard that's bunk. I'm planning on starting again in 6 weeks. What do you think would be a good cycle to do next? I'm ready to do it right this time. Also curious to hear your thoughts on short versus long cycles.

    Thanks for reading. Love this board.

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    6 weeks not long enough. It should be ran for at least 10 weeks, preferably 12. A good bread and butter cycle in my opinion is:

    Weeks 1-4 Dbol 35mgs/ed
    Weeks 1-12 Test Enan 400-500mgs/week
    Weeks 1-11 Deca 300-400mgs/week
    Weeks 15-18 Clomid Post Cycle
    Nolva on hand

    Depending on which test you decide to use, you may have to tweek your schedule a little bit. (ie cyp vs. sus vs. enan). Maybe see what other bros think.

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    surely not enough

    1st not long enough
    2nd dosage seem to be quite low

    the average people do deca /test for minimum 10weeks at 400mg both each week and took at least 25mg of dbol ED

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