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    FINA- Methods & Opinions? Advice & Help.

    I would like to gather up some info on converting finalplix.

    First Question:
    Whats the best way to get the pellets out of the packaging while maintaining a sterile enviroment?

    Second Question:
    If your gonna crush up the pellets to speed the dissolving process up, what the most sterile way to do so?

    Third Question:
    What is the most sterile way to filter w/ coffee filter over night? (w/o leavin it exposed to things floating in the air.)

    All of my questions deal with sterility. If u have any neat tricks to offer, they would be greatly appreciated.

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    The best way to crush them is to put them in a straw, fold the end twice, staple it and SLOWLY crush it with a hammer (do NOT whack it, just apply pressure as to not explode the straw). Remember, you're going to cook it for sterility, all this will be taken care of.

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