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    I was reading on elitefitness that 0.2 MGS of femera worked almost as well as 2.5mgs a day for prevention of gyno and excess estrogen related problems.

    I've also read that anti-es screw up your good cholesterol levels which will most certainly promote heart disease. They recommended clomiphene usage in conjunction with anti-es to keep cholesterol levels in check.

    This cholesterol problem is something we need to look into! Also we may be able to take less anti-es than once thought. Maybe lower anti-estrogen dosages would help keep our cholesterol levels from going crazy. We need to check into this because I dont wont to kick over at an early age from high cholesterol"THE SILENT KILLER"!!!!!!!

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    I'd be more worried about aas getting my cholesterol high than anti e's. Thats like smoking 3 packs a day and saying nicotene patches are dangerous. I take everything on elite with a grane of salt after reading "respected" members advising people not to use clomid PC and instead a OTC suppliment regiment.

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    You will find that the anti-e's related to poor lipid profiles are the ones that are namely the aromatase inhibitors etc. The anti-e's which work by both agonistic/antagonistic properties like clomid and nolva are the ones that promote the heart healthy effects. We have been stating this for a long time. They basically bind and activate estrogen receptors in the liver etc. and do as normal estrogen does in the role of heart healthy effects related to cholesterol. With your aromatase inhibitors you get a no estrogen period effect. This is why we say that all estrogen is not bad, and infact some is needed to promote these healthy effects

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdtr
    Thats like smoking 3 packs a day and saying nicotene patches are dangerous.

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