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    Help with long cycle and advice on what to do

    Iím 30yrs on and off again user. Most recently Iíve been on test for about a year now. And still going...Once a week sometimes every 10-14 days when I get sidetracked. Always Minimal doses of 1cc. Was doing a blended ester but slowly switching to Test E.

    I feel like I canít just keep doing this forever although I have plenty more test to keep going....Iíve basically been doing my own TRT more or less but Iím worried Iíve been on too long and was looking for help as to what to do next. Should I run any blood work? Am I going to be infertile?

    I eventually want to find some Doctor to treat me and provide me with a prescription for TRT but for now I need to figure out a smart game plan. Any thoughts on what youíd do if you were me? Iíd like to keep going but do it smart and slowly transition to doctor prescribed TRT one day.

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    Yes you can run some blood work to see where your levels are at. How many mg of test are you doing EW?

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    Doesnít hurt to get some bloodwork done. I assume you mean youíve been using 250mg a week, which honestly... is sustainable in most healthy men forever. Definitely doesnít hurt to get some stuff looked at though.

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