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Thread: Skin reaction

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    Skin reaction

    I made a post about this the other day. Throughout the day I will break out in 15 minute itch sessions as crazy as it sounds, and I believe it is due to the carrier oil in the test I am using. My whole body will violently tingle and thought only progresses the irritation. It directly hurts my gym routine, every time I Warm up I find myself in the locker room due to the itching. Anything I can do to combat this? or just ditch the cycle? I've ran gear from this lab before and had amazing results and am a believer in it's quality, however these were same lab but differently labeled viles. I was able to catch a picture at work of the itching ill just break out in... Thanks!
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    I would first ask the lab what oil they use so you know for the future. You could try going with a different carrier oil from another lab. Process of elimination. In the meantime a type 2 antihistamine could tide you over - just avoid benadryl.
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