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    Hypo without slin

    I am not taking anything other than TRT dose. 3 times in the past week I have gone hypo and I donít know why- not taking slin.
    I will feel a little light headed and start sweating profusely. I take some glucose tabs and I am fine after a small period of time.
    WTF?? What is going on? I cannot trace anything that would be causing this.

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    it could be Hypothyroid causing the issue .. if your not producing enough T4, this will throw off natty HGH release as well as Cortisol levels and thus ultimately disrupt glucose metabolism and insulin release and lead to hypoglycemia.

    you'll want to get your TSH and thyroid levels checked. which I'm sure the doc is going to do sometime soon.

    but in the meantime, to help this issue out , you can take MK677, or actual exogenous HGH to counter the issue some

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