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Thread: EQ Anxiety?

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    EQ Anxiety?

    Hey guys was wondering what's your experience with this compound. Personally for me when I ran it at 300mg/EOD for a contest prep last year, I had a heightened sensation of anxiety and more paranoia than usual. I was doubting people around me and having trust issues. This was then coupled with panic attacks. Haven't ran it since and opted from primo. Just wondering if anyone else had similar experiences? Hope you all are keeping well during these difficult times.

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    I never had anxiety or anything with EQ and I’ve run it up to 800 mg a week. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

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    I get anxiety. Didn't notice much if any at 450 and 600 but when I ramped up to 900, I definitely felt it. My GF pointed it out too.

    No paranoia at all.

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    I love boldenone and hate it at the same time

    I can train for 3 hours everyday and never get tired with great pumps

    Worst anxiety ive gotten and paranoia started to make me think im a schizopfren

    I used it for 3 months 600mg along with test, i didnt feel any side effects until i started pct(clomid and nolva) combined kinda activated everything at the same time and fuck me up

    Fuck Pct, Fuck EQ, Fuck Tren ,

    Test E,Deca ,Dbol for winter gainz

    Sustanon EOD for summer gainz

    Blast .. Blast and Blast some more

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