Being Real.

Ran several cycles and always focused on getting some muscle mass. I am 6'4 with very wide shoulders and my genetic muscle bonus is the chest. Hypogonadal so HRT is for life.

Bottom line I am tired of being fat. So very tired that I decided to use Trulicity for weight loss. With no gym and just a 5km walk in the evenings I drop 1-2kg a month without any issues. The rub is Trulicity is a horrible drug and blocks appetite via nausea response (They will tell you different but they lie haha). My goal starting 1 June is to drop 20 kg in 5 months. That is about double what the standard loss seen on Trulicity is for me. Here are my meds I am on.

Nifedipine (only when on cycle)

Lantus 100 units daily
Humalog rapid 20 units with starch meal
Trulicity 1.5 weekly shot

Uric Acid Lowering Medication like Alpurinol
Test E 2 shots weekly x 100mg
Aromasin weekly on HRT Daily on cycle

My goal is to add two activities to my current list. First is a 2-hour lap session 3x a week (above average swimmer). Second is to expand my gym session to focus on squats and deadlifts. Desire to do the 20 rep squat sets with good form ie 60 percent max weight. Have to work up to that from current 8 reps.

This should be enough extra calorie burn to hit the weight loss mark. The level of test is my only variable. No one uses test for cardio primarily...I am sure some cross-fit people do but they never post. Most sports that are higher cardio use other drugs to maximize performance vs rapid recovery. Right now I will default to 500 mg a week unless there is someone who has experience in heavy cutting. I have Tren in the closet but that is as anti-cardio as you get.

Thanks in advance for any input or direction.