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Thread: Anavar vs. Anadrol vs. Everything Else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GearHeaded View Post
    hematocrit of 50 is totally fine IMO , as long as your blood platelets count is NOT high along with it.. if blood platelet is normal and hematocrit is high then your fine.

    heck pro cyclists get their hematocrit purposely up to 60 because their cardio capacity increases the higher the hematocrit levels go.

    the whole "blood thickening" thing and that destroying your cardio has to do with the combination of high platelets along side high hematocrit and not simply high hematocrit alone .
    of course their are other factors that play a role ike hydration, water retention, etc..

    my hemo is generally 50-54 , has been ever since I started doing blood work 8 years ago. but I lived at 9300 feet elevation in the rocky mountains most my life (elevation plays a role)
    doctors seeing my blood work were never concerned with that level of hematocrit. never told me to donate blood or worry about it,,because my platelet count was normal.
    Listening to a podcast, they were saying when hematocrit gets higher your blood thickens and taking 1 aspirin can help to thin the blood slightly. And if you naturally have a high red blood cell count, taking Anadrol (and others that raise hematocrit) could land you in the hospital.

    That seems to make sense. Does it? And that makes it seem very important to get blood work done before/during/after cycles. How often do you guys get blood work done?

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    I personally feel sluggish once my hematocrit gets too high... say 49+.

    People who live in higher elevation naturally have higher hematocrit.
    It is your body's adaptation to less oxygen in the air.

    Cyclists and distance runners and such may try to raise their hematocrit well above 50 but that is dangerous for an average gym bro IMO.
    One, they weigh 135lbs and thus have less blood volume to move around.
    (The bigger you are the more blood you have. Hence why people 110lbs and below are not allowed to donate.)
    Two, they easily do do ten times the amount of cardio we do and have much stronger and healthier and more efficient hearts and lungs.
    The amount of blood volume plus the viscosity of your blood determines how hard you heart has to work. (Plus factors such as plaque...)

    If you had a hematocrit of 60 you could stroke out.

    Anavar vs. Anadrol vs. Everything Else?-hematocrit.png

    High red blood cell count. A significant increase in the number of red blood cells thickens the blood and makes clots more likely. This raises the risk for stroke.
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