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    NPP and lasting long AF in bed

    I noticed toward the end of my last cycle it was extremely hard for me to finish. I could get there but it took a while. It was:
    400mg npp/week shot eod
    500mg test e/week Shot 2x
    Proviron 50mg ed
    Hgh 3iu 5on 2off year round

    Is there a certain point where the npp causes this? Meaning why did it start happening 14 weeks in if it is short acting? I imagine the prolactin build up.

    I had absolutely NO issue getting it up or with libido, just could go for a long time with little sensitivity. Normally
    Iím your average dude, 6mins on a normal day, 10-15 if Iím on point and a few drinks in me, 45 mins if itís my wife (kidding kidding she is amazing)

    But if I were to shoot npp ed and it was more than test hypothetically like, letís say I have a date with a 10 on Friday or a porn shoot that if goes well I get signed to $500k 6 month contract, and I shoot NPP 100mg ed for 4 days w cialis 20mg e3d, will I absolutely crush some puss on Friday?

    1st question about why 14 weeks serious one

    2nd question about porn shoot is not serious, itís dead fuckin serious.

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    It is most likely elevated prolactin levels, as you had already guessed. That’s why it took awhile. Running Masteron along side nandrolone cycles eliminates this problem for me. Try running that around 400mg and see how you do.

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