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Thread: The top of my vial popped off.

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    The top of my vial popped off.

    So the top of my vial came off. Not the middle part you peel off but the whole top. Put it immediately back on. It is still safe to use. I would assume so since I usually withdraw air from my syringe into vial.

    Also are they supposed to come off so easily? Out of curiosity I tried taking others off and thought they would be vacuum sealed tight but they are pretty easy to pop off with a little snug.

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    The tops should have been crimped securely enough so that doesn't happen. I would at least filter the contents of the vial that the top came off of, and any others that do the same.

    Use a .2 or .22 micron filter, and filter into sterile presealed vials. You can find syringe filters online, just be sure to select a filter media that is compatible with benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, or any other solvents that were used with your oils. Presealed vials also are available online
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    Will suggest next time when you open a vial, try what I do, push the cap down and twist (instead of using your thumb and pop it) but it should be secured in place as @almostgone said.
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    The lab has done a shitty job of crimping the tops on. As AG said above and Dgs.
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