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    First timer...looking for advice

    Never did a cycle

    5'7" 160lbs 44 chest 33 waist 16 1/2 arms about 15% body fat ectomorph body type small boned. Train 3x/week each body part 1x/week. Been lifting since I was 19......I'm 37 now. Tried every legal supplement out there.....andro/creat/hydroxy....etc.

    Here is my wish
    I'm not looking to gain 30lbs just want to be harder more defined and lose the damn luv handles and the fat around the belly button.

    Would like to be around 165lb with around 8-9% body fat.

    Any advice what gear to needles man!

    my diet is ok.....try to eat 4x/day.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pump_30
    Any advice what gear to needles man!

    IMO you have to get over this first bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pump_30 needles man!
    I hate to say this bro but,......your not ready to cycle. All oral cycles are not the way to go. Way too much stress on the liver and injectables are much, much more effective.

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    Best results will be gained from injecting BUT...

    Since you're looking more for body recomposition than for extreme mass gains you could try anavar @ 30- 40mg a day for as long as you can afford it...i would say no more than 8-10 weeks though as it is somewhat liver toxic.

    Or you could do winny at 50mg ED for 6 weeks.

    Both of these compounds are orals (or can be taken orally in winny's case)

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