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    Question Testosterona Enantato 200

    Getting confused on all the research I have found on TESTESTERONA ENANTATO 200. It said that its made in TTOKKYO Laboratories but it came from Mexico. My brother wants to do this but told him to hold up and let me see what you guys say. Any help would be great especially from people that have actually used this product.


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    TESTESTERONA i thought that was made by brovel. wheres it say ttokkyo on it? hmm maybe if you got a pict i could tell you

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    yes it is made in mexico.. it should have a holagram on the sealed box. also look on the left side of the box and hold it every direction you can to see if it has a raised letter date and lote number on it i find it easier to see the raised number by holding it at a sharp angle and closing one eye, also the lote on the box should match the lote on the bottle. It should be filled right to where the label ends. It should also have a white halo with ttokkyo laboratorios on it. ALso do a search next time for ttokkyo test enanthate .

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