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    Deca + test + Finasteride?? Whos actually done this

    I've been on propecia (1mg) for 10 years and I feel it works great with no side effects.

    Considering my 2nd cycle (separate thread) and was looking into Deca . Some reasearch suggests Deca combined with finasteride is a bad idea. Having just come off first cycle of test e with no shedding at all (hair feels as thick as ever). I would have thought a Test + Deca cycle whilst continuing finasteride would not be an issue.

    Then I read this...

    Compounds in
    Testosterone + Deca

    Compounds out
    small amount of Testosterone + a small amount of DHT + a moderate amount of DHN (with DHN competing with DHT despite DHT's higher affinity, and with DHN's lower androgenic activity at the receptor, results in a better "hair" profile)

    Compounds in:
    Testosterone + Deca + Finasteride

    Compounds out:
    small amount of Testosterone + tiny, tiny amount of DHT + most, if not all, injected Deca (which we can see has a high affinity + relatively high androgen activity at the receptor will wreak havoc on hair

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with this? My dad is bald fyi. I'd prefer to continue with Propecia and just choose another compound if this research is true.

    *edit* more plates more dates did a video explaining this exact scenario, it's enough to put me off Deca unless I temporarily stop the Propecia.
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    Yeah I just finished a cycle that incorporates deca and I used it before this without knowing Of the possible effects. I watched the same video you’re talking about when I found out the combo is supposedly bad for hair.

    I was on about 400 mg deca, 300 test, 150 DHB, and I noticed no difference in my hair. I took deca for 2 months but the cycle was longer.

    Been on Finasteride for almost a year. I am prone to thinning on top, and I only noticed it after being on gear for 1.5 years. So no, I didn’t notice any negative effects on my hair.

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