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Thread: real winny?

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    real winny?

    How can you tell if your Upjohn winstrol V is real? When it settles how much should be separated on the bottom of the bottle?

    and if it is long before you notice results if you are not stacking it with anything else?

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    Hey Shredz, put up a pick. I've got a feeling that we are getting our winny from the same source (originally), are you shooting it or drinking it. One thing that I did notice about the Upjohn is that in a lot of post with other brands, people said that it was sometimes too difficult to shoot through even a 23guage. With the Upjohn though, Iíve been able to use a 25guage w/o any problems. Iíve just recently started to drink it though, and trust me, the aftertaste that it leaves in your pallet is defiantly something of an acquired taste. (Even mixed with a glass of water). As for results, Iím sorry to say that I have been stacking it with other forms of A/S, but about a week after I introduced the winny into the cycle, I was able to obtain the most arm bursting bicep pumps I had ever experienced before. Almost to the point that I wasnít able to finish my set. Iím told that this is quite common with winny.

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