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    Question Should I run AI?

    Iím currently got a order of winstrol 50mg Should I take NOLVADEX 20mg while Iím on the cycle . Itís my first cycle ever

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    Build a cycle first, then yes have an "AI" handy.

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    Oral only cycles are a waste dude.

    What age are you and have you run gear before?

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    Oral only cycles are indeed a waste.

    But I’ll bite...i dont beleive winstrol converts to estrogen. So it shouldnt be a problem.
    However it can and will cause hpta shutdown. Which can cause gyno from your test being so low and your estrogen remaining normal.

    If you were to go down this road you should have nolva and clomid for pct. nolva will not lower estrogen, it will just “numb” the receptors and prevent gyno. If you want to actually lower estro you will need arimidex or aromasin .

    You should do a maintenance dose of injectable test (approx 200-300mg/week) if you really want to use winny and have it not be a complete waste of time. However that will still be pretty weak.

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