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    How long can I run this cycle

    So came off my cruise of 200mg test c.

    Started a cycle

    Week 1-4
    300mgs test c 300mgs mast p 40 mgs Anavar
    Weeks 5-10 300mgs test c 300mgs mast p
    Weeks 10 - ? 200 mgs test c with 30mgs of rad140

    Picked up some rad140 at my supplement shop so not sure how legit it is but I know the guy fairly well. He said you can run it 8 to 12 weeks.

    Been on it for a little over 3 weeks and loving it and feeling great.

    Would running the rad140 for 8 weeks be too much?

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    var isn't the harshest oral steroid out there but i wouldn't run it for more than 6 weeks without a break. Your body will stop feeling the same effects after so long. The exact amount of time is debatable. Could be 14 weeks, could be 18, either way i wouldn' t go longer than 16. Just my humble opinion I've ran osta for 8 weeks so i'm assuming rad140 would be safe to run for that long, theres not a lot of data on long term SARM use

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    If you are cruising on 200 mg then 300 mg is not considered a blast. Strange cycle , not really much to comment on. Wouldn’t expect much at all from that 100mg increase , the mast and var may help dry you out but that’s about it. It looks like you have already answered how long you plan on running it except for the end of week 10 and your guess is as good as anyones there

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