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Thread: Test and Mast cycle. Feel like shit!

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    Test and Mast cycle. Feel like shit!

    Im on my 2nd week of my cycle. I've felt like shit all throughout the week. Aching joints and headache. My first Test cycle I ran it with an AI. Decided to go with Mast this time. Will this go away? Is this something to be concerned with? Thanks guys.

    BP averages 120/68
    Glucose 89
    Resting heart rate 70bpm
    4L water a day
    6g salt

    Test E - 75mg m/w/f/s 300mg week Mast E - 25mg m/a/f/s 200mg week
    Proviron - 25mg day
    Clenbuterol - 40mcg day
    HGH - 2iu day
    Telmisartan - 40mg day

    Creatine Monohydrate - 5g Daily
    Omega 3 - 2-4g/day of combined DHA/EPA
    Opti-zinc - 2-4 caps a day with first and last meal (50-100mg/day)
    Magnesium Glycinate 2 caps a day with first and last meal (800-1000mg/day)
    Ashwagandha KSM-66 800mg Post workout
    Life Extension Super K 1 cap a day
    Taurine 5g/day
    CoQ10 100mg with meal 1
    NAC 1200mg with meal 1

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    I know clen gives me headaches. I was also running almost 100mcg.. which also brought on heart palpitations which scared tf out of me. Haven’t touched that shit since.

    I don’t think the mast would be a contributing factor to any of your issues. I’m sure someone with more knowledge might have an idea

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    With the doses being so moderate i can almost guarantee its not from testosterone or masteron the others i cant vouch for. Always felt fine on test and mast

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    I would dump the clen .

    I don't know why gym bros mess around with stimulants when they can simply eat a little cleaner or exercise a little more to get leaner.

    Do as little drugs as possible.

    Are you prescribed the BP meds?
    Your BP seems fine to me.
    What is it when off the BP meds?

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    Agreed it’s the Clen causing the feeling like shit. I won’t ever touch Clen again it’s just bad stuff.

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    Clen is one I have not tried - and, that’s kind of the reason. Headaches & the feeling of shit

    Like mentioned - when your roids are dialed, you don’t need stims - well, maybe some coffee

    I’d drop the clenbuterol & go from there. Test & mast should make you feel quite the opposite of what you’re describing

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    Dump the clen .
    Dump the BP meds unless they're prescribed. If taking them as a preventative, just don't.
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