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    winstrol and deca

    quick question are those roids supose to be causing like bruises on your stomaches,. i dunno but one nite when i was drunk i realy dont remebrhiting anything but the next morning i had bruises, just wondering if that can cause it bc on the bruises its like a knot and its like a circle dot inside the skin just curious.

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    1. u are juicing and getting drunk ? ok, this isnt a good idea, it realy realy realy slows down ur gains, possibly eliminating them.

    2. u should really have done research on the juice u are using and know the side effects inside out before usisng it.

    3. no those bruises are not from juice, prolly from a bar fight that u got into when u were intoxicated, ROFL !

    4. what is ur diet bro ! i worry cause u say u get drunk and u sound like a party person, which makes me feel that u might not be sleeping enough everynight. dunno if this is true ! correct me if im wrong !

    anyways, good luck and peace !

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    Yeah, drinking on juice = bad idea
    Binge drinking till black out on juice = AWFUL IDEA.

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