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Thread: clen / t3

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    clen / t3

    clen /t3
    well just curious about a t3/clen cycle

    21 days on 21 days off then 21 days back on

    Tabs per day of clen...333444555666555444333

    Tabs per day of t-3.....111222333444333222111

    In the off 21 days a ECA stack...

    weel its suppossed to take t3 with high anabolic steroid ...but could we avoid lossing muscle mass without aas , but using:

    - high protein diet
    - 20g Glutamine Day

    for example for a 20 % body fat bro?

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    It will help but you should be doing that anyway. I wouldnt take t3 without having anabolics to go with it. But you have to make that decision based on your goals. Just because I wouldnt do it doesnt mean that you cant.

    P.S. Catabolic is the scariest word in the english language.
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    DO NOT TAKE THE t3 WITHOUT AAS, trust me brother ! go get some winny tabs and down 50 mg/ed, ull send me love letter when ur done, especially when u go 3 tabs +, lol t3 is very catabolic, i take 150 - 200 mcg t3 ed, sick results but i also take

    100 mg test prop/ed
    100 mg winny (tabs)/ed
    300 g protein/ed
    1 g milk thistle
    glutamine somewhere (20 g)

    i no the AAS are murder but it is neccessary, but u dont need the prop, i think all u need is a 50 mg winny tab/ed ! plus it will harden u up a bit too!

    2. i would cycle more like this!
    8 weeks cutting,

    2 weeks - clen , t3
    1 week - off clen, t3 stays, NYC or ECA
    2 weeks - clen, t3
    1 week - t3 stays(taper down), off clen, NYC or ECA
    2 weeks - clen

    i would also research this more and get some opinions. remember t3 + clen = firey pits of hell, it burns fat faster than a stripper picks up bills on a friday night.

    good luck man !
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    I'm a newbie and I only have read as much as I've had the oppurtunity to researching other posts. Im still confused what the winny does, does it just keep you safer while your on the t3/clen /eca or is it something that also burns fat

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