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Thread: Cycle tune up!!

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    Cycle tune up!!

    5 or 6th cycle. Planning now but not starting till blood work and other shit. 42 6'4" 235lbs 20%bf
    Just wanted your input, it always helps

    Pinning 3x a week

    Week 1-10
    Sust 250 750ml a week
    Tren e 150ml a week
    Mast e 150ml a week
    HCG 500 ui a week
    10mg nolva a day

    Week 1-4
    Anavar 40mg a day

    PCT 18 days after last pin
    Clomid 75/50/50/50
    Nolva 40/20/20/20

    Also I have something called a clen pen, you spray it in your mouth. 80 sprays at 33mcg a spray. Got it free on last order. Should I throw it in this cycle. Have the tren and mast on hand wanna use it up. Would you change the oral?

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    complete waste of the masteron , 150mg will do virtually nothing especially at 20% body fat. im not one that believes you need to be low bodyfat to reap the benefits of masteron, but 150 mg of mast e is useless in this application. tren is ok at 150mg, but better if it was ace. when using enanthate your only getting about 72mg per ml of active compound, the ester is so long. if you want to stick with long esters i would bump the tren e to 300mg, and the mast e would be 400-600mg.

    anavar is great with tren, and mast so the oral is fine. what is the actual goal of the cycle? im guessing it a cut. the only way i use clen is in helios, i cant stand taking it orally. when in helios it works with no real sides, if i take it orally i get way to shaky. if this is a cut cycle i would start with just the injectables. dial in the diet and make sure your losing fat, and slowly add in the other drugs as your body tries to hold onto the body fat.

    when cutting you dont want to throw everything at it all at once. you want to slowly cut calories, add in cardio, and then introduce other drugs. this way you can continually drop bodyfat. if you start the injectables, oral, and clen all at the same time the only thing you can do is drop calories, and add cardio.

    if you sit at 20% regularly your metabolism is probably on the slower side so your going to have to do everything you can to fight it. clen is not the greatest for cutting especially someone with a slower metabolism. i fall into that category as well, but i usually sit at about 15%. i carry all my fat in my torso so even with a dexa scan showing 13% i look more like 16%. for us with the slower metabolism t4 or t3 is. much better cutting drug. it will actually help with your metabolism, just dont be stupid with it you dont need a lot of t3 or t4. if using t4 100mcg is plenty, and t3 i max out at 50mcg. very rarely will i use 50mcg usually 25 to 30mcg is enough.

    your 42 years old fuck pct, its time for trt.

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    ^^^ agree with above id run mast e at 400 and tren e at 200. Var id just pop 25mg. Guessing this is a recomp or cut. I dont like clen i would just cardio, nutrition, and aas it’s really all you need imho

    Thats alot of cycling to still be pct’ing i second TRT. Fuck pct drugs and feeling like shit.

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    Jstone knows his shit and he did an awesome job explaining, canít argue with any of it.

    Recovery just keeps getting tougher in your 40ís. Have you had pre cycle bloodwork done? You really should at 42. Let alone from your natty T levels but also your lipids and blood pressure. Tren is no joke

    I see you say 5th or 6th has your recovery been, when was your last and how many had Tren?

    TRT is a game changer and like Cuz said, Clomid and Nolvadex are the devil as well as crashing back to earth and waiting for homeostasis at 42
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    Thanks bro. Gonna up my mast. And fuck the clen . I got it free idk what to do with it. Give it to a buddy I guess. I had a hard time coming off ny last cycle. Posted a thread about it. Maybe your right about trt. Ill start researching it now. ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by jstone View Post
    your 42 years old fuck pct, its time for trt.

    Hysterical yet directly on point at the same time.

    Almost sounds like a Bobby Muscles T shirt doesn't it:

    Fuck PCT
    Time for TRT!
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    Fuvking guy sent me test prop instead of sust. So he's sending out sust for free. Question. Can I start my cycle now with test p the switch over to sust 250 after couple weeks?. Or should I wait for sust.

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    I’m a huge fan of Var, however, I run it for at least 6 weeks-typically 8 weeks and at a little higher dose. That’s what works for me- and I typically run it at the end of a cycle. Not sure if it’s a part of me holding on to gains, but I’ve had good luck with that usage set up.

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