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Thread: Sent wrong gear. Need help

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    Sent wrong gear. Need help

    Hey guys my guy sent me the wrong gear. Sent me test p instead of sust 250. Hes sending sust 250 for free. Here's my cycle. And my question is can I start using test p and switch over to sust 250. And if so when should I switch over?

    42 6'4" 235lbs 20%bf

    Pinning 3x a week

    Week 1-10
    Sust 250 750ml a week
    Tren e 150ml a week
    Mast e 150ml a week
    HCG 500 ui a week
    10mg nolva a day

    Week 1-4
    Anavar 40mg a day

    PCT 18 days after last pin
    Clomid 75/50/50/50
    Nolva 40/20/20/20

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    There's nothing wrong with using the Test P to frontload for a few weeks until the Sust shows up. It would be best to have some longer Ester Test to frontload as well and breaking down since the Sust will have some of that too. Alot of people will take Test P and E together since the E breaks down slower.

    I seen in a previous post that you suffer from suicidal thoughts and depression. I'm not sure Tren E is best for you. It has it's own psychological side effects and with the long ester if you do encounter bad sides you're going to have to deal with this for a few weeks should you need to come off rather than a few days with Tren A. I also see this is a 5th or 6th cycle for you and you had previously used Tren A, did it mess with you psychologically?
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