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Thread: Question!!! AAS

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    Question!!! AAS

    I don't know if this is my impression, but when I use Deca I felt taller confident to the point of facing everyone around. It can be something psychological, or true I don't know ... Deca can act on the brain in some way that moves with seretonine or dopamine or something?
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    I stopped using Deca because it made me depressed unlike i have ever felt before in my life. I remeber driving to work at night in a snow storm and pulled my car over and decided I was going to walk into the woods and just lay down. Called my wife to tell her I love her and would see her soon and I snapped out of it. Stopped using it that day. That was almost 10 years ago. So i guess to answer your question I would say it does effect some thought process.

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    Sounds like the first week of Tren Ace to me or sometimes dianbol. I dont get that from deca but then again ive only run deca twice and probably wont again for awhile

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    I guess I’ve been on way too much for way too long - I don’t feel jack shit from anything

    I just notice when the side effects start rolling in
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    I’ve never had any mental side effects like what you are referencing in any cycle, including Deca . I am more easily motivated to hit the gym, but there are legitimate reasons for that- some mental but primarily from the belief that enhanced lifting will provide better benefits.
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