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Thread: New and need some help

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    New and need some help

    am new to this. I have dianabol caps and eq.. I do not have test. Can I use those both without test and be ok and see effective results? Or do I absolutely have to have test? And if I already started taking dianabol for a couple weeks without knowing will it hurt if I start taking the test after when I can get it after I've already started debol? I have no started eq yet.. also if I stop taking the debol rn to wait to get test first will it effect me in any negative ways ?

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    The dbol will shut your natural testosterone production down thats why its advised to administer test with a dbol cycle. Alot of us more experienced users dont even fuck with dbol anymore, moreso for a preworkout pump really all i see in it. Test only for a first cycle is still recommended by many people here. Alot of guys that do oral only cycles have dick problems during the cycle. You dont want that do you?

    Id advise starting test asap or stop the dbol and research more on beginners cycles . Welcome to the forum
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