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Thread: Mast e w/ test e cycle

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    Mast e w/ test e cycle

    So I'm currently on 500mg test e, looking to bulk while shedding excess fat. I weighed 225 3 weeks ago when I started, I'm now at 219 and lifting heavy (to me) My macros are 300g carbs 250g protein 50g fat. My coach wants me to get on mast e. Heres my question. What's the difference between mast e and mast p. Will they yield the same results? Im truly not a fan of pinning but I'll do what I have to do. Is the only difference between e and p the half life?

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    Same drug, different ester. I believe there’s some minute differences scientifically but just go with E if you don’t care to pin extra and don’t have to look a particular way on a certain date.

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