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Thread: Questions about mild test cycles (200mg per week)

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    Questions about mild test cycles (200mg per week)

    The rule between cycles is the amount of time you were injecting + 2 weeks after the last injection + pct. Right?

    Soooo... I really need to start cutting but in order to do so I have to wait at least 16 weeks it seems in my case (because my test cyling lasted 12 weeks). Or in this case I can start a bit earlier since my next cycle will me milder? Maybe I should cut my cycle to actuallly 10 weeks too?

    Also, when you do a mild cycle like that do you really need a pct or the regular waiting time in between? I was planning to inject test for 5 months at a lower dose after the cutting cycle.. Not sure how good this idea is.

    I hope I didn't confuse you. Help

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    My second cycle will be for cutting at 200mg test a week in case I didn't mention it.

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    Anytime you put an androgen in your body, you will experience shutdown (to varying degrees depending on compounds and dosage).

    And 200mg of test E or C a week is basically a high TRT dose (although there are people on TRT that take more). You're plan here basically will shut you down for 5 months. And it's not even a dose that will be very much effective. And did I mention it's a shit idea?

    Why don't you read some of the stickies and the articles on this site?

    Here's a good reference:
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    As pointed out above, what you are calling a “mild cycle” is basically just “replace your natural levels +/-25-50% and shut down your natural production”.
    An actual “mild cycle” for someone who cares about their balls would be one of the DHTs (Anavar or Winstrol preferably) for 6-8 weeks, then adding in a TRT dose for the remainder of the run after that, just to compensate for the suppression reaching its higher points.

    As the above point out, there are severities to each individual compound, but to keep it simple, the “family trees” from most suppressive to least suppressive are:
    Worst-Testosterone and its derivatives (pretty mucb start turning your nads off within hours).
    Middle-19-nors; they tend to be just as suppressive as testosterone, but take a bit longer to cause the same level.
    Least-DHTs; these are extremely divergent based on type, but on the whole, these are drugs often prescribed to people at therapeutic doses and not needing TRT, due to how long they tend to take to suppress (4-8 weeks, depending upon individual) and never reaching a 1:1 shutdown point like test and 19-nors will.
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