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Thread: summer cycle test + aas vs test + sarms????

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    summer cycle test + aas vs test + sarms????

    12 %bf

    So been crusing on 200 mg test for a year now. Have a bunch of cycles under my belt. Looking to do a fun light cycle for the summer. Looking for lean mass gains, maybe gain a few pounds while lower bf a bit.

    Now only thing is i dont want any compounds that increase hair loss drastically. Ran mast a few times and f'd up my hair a bit. Luckily most grew back.

    Now not sure if i should run a low test dose with npp which is what i normally do. Or try a low test base with a sarm like rad 140 or something.

    What do you guys reccomend. Have no experience with sarms .
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    LGD is the superior SARM, and it's rare for it to cause shedding.

    Nandrolone is fantastic, not very lean though, very watery drug.

    Get some DHB, it's expensive but it's about 3x as potent as Primo for 1/3rd the price. The PIP is outrageous I hear at anything higher than 75mg / ml, But you can cut your gear with a bit of sterile oil or inject it with your Test or something to make it more bearable.

    DHB is dry, hair safe, extremely anabolic , and very side effect friendly. Usually comes in the Cypionate ester.

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