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    Test E and oral Winnie cut

    So Iíve done a few cycles in the past but itís been a while and was looking to run a cut cycle: Test E - 500Mg/wk split into 2 injections and then 20mg oral winstrol a day. Milk thistle during and after nolva pct. my question is: should I start the winstrol and the test e at the same time or wait for the test e to start working then add the winstrol?

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    This is interesting, I hope someone answers this.

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    I think that you should wait for test e to kick in which probably takes around 4 weeks bcz every compound shuts our test off. I hope someone else more experienced answer this.

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    Oral's are better at the end of the cycle.

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    I remember my Test E kicking in a week or two after I started. First week wasn't all that noticeable. By the 2nd week however was really increased performance. This was 15 years ago though. My WIN and DBol i started I believe on the 2nd week. I'm thinking of doing your cycle. How is it working out for you? I'm 40 and don't want anything too crazy, just lose 10-15 lbs and the TEST E will get me where I want physique wise.

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