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    Finasteride safe to maintain hair for my first Test E 500mg cycle? Bloodwork included

    Hi all,
    Long time lifter, after dabbling with SARMS for a few years I've decided it's not worth it with the shady industry it has become and decided to take the plunge and start on my first Cycle. I will have all required on hand (Ai - Arimidex and also Nolva + using legitimate pharma test E amps for a 12-15 week cycle).

    I have been advised by a long time friend who is very knowledgeable with the use of AAS on what to do and be on the lookout for.
    My main concern is my hair. I have been on finasteride for roughly 8 years now and it has held my hair perfectly. Based on my testosterone bloodwork over the years it appears i have quite low test to begin with.
    I have done some research and prowled a few forums and reddit and it seems most people don't have any issue whilst staying on fin during a test cycle as it will stop the conversion to DHT unlike other compounds which are DHT derivatives and will bypass the 5-a alpha reductase conversion so I know to avoid those altogether (tren , masteron , winstrol etc).
    Now, assuming Finasteride only stops the conversion of Dht by 70% hypothetically will that mean if I am putting a larger amount of test in my body the conversion of the DHT from fin will only bring it down a level that will not eliminate my DHT sufficiently enough to 'safekeep' my hair as it has for the past 8 years but only bring it down to a level that may then be considered 'normal' for DHT levels since its is converting 70% less of a much higher amount of test?, so it may not "halt" my hairloss but just bring it back to a normal rate of my hairloss theoretically as if i was not on fin in the first place therefore being useless on cycle.

    I recently had my bloodwork done after a Rad cycle and have been severely suppressed (whether or not it was prohormones i am not sure as follows);
    my record of test results over the years - Reference Range is <11.5-32>;
    2018: 9.6
    2020: 14.5
    2021 (last month - end of my Rad cycle a week ago): Test: 5.9,
    SHBG 7.5 - ref range <15-50>
    DHT - December 2020: 0.2 - ref range <0.4-2.5>
    So, based on the DHT results I can safely say the finasteride has been very effective at keeping my hair loss at bay as it is rock bottom. Main concern is that with the extra test the 5a conversion is going to bring that DHT number up from 0.2 as it will be limiting 70% of a higher amount of test in my system and to bringing it to a higher range therefore inducing my hairloss again. I am thinking dutasteride would be a safer option as I have wanted to get onto duta for a while but after seeing my DHT results and speaking to my hairloss doctor he said the finasteride is doing its just job fine.

    Ran a rad cycle recently, severely suppresed my T. How long should I wait until It would be safe to start on my cycle of test E at 500mg/w and if I stay on my usual finasteride regime will my hair be stripped or it may just be some minor further loss or be completely fine. Looking for any opinions of others who are in the same position or have run a cycle with no issues regarding hairloss when they are prone to MPB aswell?.
    My cycle would be pretty standard;

    Weeks 1- 15 : Test E 500mg/w

    AI starting from week 2: 0.25 or 0.5 Arimidex E3D (have been told mixed opinions of what would be sufficient or wait longer until atleast a few weeks as has been suggested by derek on MPMD?.
    Nolva (ED) starting 2 weeks after end of cycle: Week 1 - 40, Week 2 - 40, Week 3 -20, Week 4 - 20.

    Will also have baseline bloods done before I start (Test, SHBG, E2, Estrogen etc.) mid and post cycle.
    Many thanks guys and please let me know your thoughts If I should tweak anything or if this will be a huge risk to my hair then I may just avoid altogether but I guess that's one of the risks I have to way up.


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    I don't have hard numbers to back up my opinion, just anecdotal experiences, so take it for what it's worth.

    I started noticing hair thinning after 1 year on TRT/cycles. I started using 1 mg finasteride every day, along with minoxidil. The hair loss stopped and slightly improved. I reduced the finasteride to 1 mg EOD after about a year because I read studies that showed similar effects on DHT to taking it ED.

    For my last cycle I used low dose test, deca , and primo. I noticed more hair thinning during this cycle and after it. After the cycle ended I decided to take 0.5 mg ED, instead of 1 mg EOD. The reason I lowered the dose to begin with is because I was under the impression that the finasteride was messing with my sex drive/erection quality a little. I cannot say for certain, but lowering the amount seemed to help and I felt better.

    I read somewhere that 0.2 mg of finasteride is almost as effective as 5 mg. The tricky thing is that DHT is the more powerful anabolic hormone, and being on cycle while simultaneously trying to lower DHT is counterproductive when it comes to building muscle. Hypothetically.

    What I have done in the past to mitigate hairloss during a cycle is to attack hair loss from all angles. That means finasteride, minoxidil (day and night), oral biotin, biotin shampoo, Nizoral shampoo, and dermarolling/microneedling the scalp. I recommend dermarolling once a week to anyone who is prone to hair loss. A research study showed vast improvements when minoxidil was combined with dermarolling, vs just minoxidil.

    At the end of the day, there's no getting around the fact that running high amounts of androgens will lead to hair reduction (if prone). It's hard to assess if what we're doing at any moment is having a positive/negative/null impact on our hair. They often say wait 6 months to assess hair quality with almost any protocol. I think that all you can do is mitigate the issue. When you're on a cycle, you are building muscle... when you are off of a cycle you are building hair. I like having both, so while I'm sad to get off of a cycle, I'm happy to know my hair will recover, hopefully.
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