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Thread: What now.?

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    What now.?

    I ran TEST-E and anadrol (50) 4 weeks then I switched to pro-durabolin (Test Prop & NPP) EOD. started this a week ago and still taking the anadrol. What should I add to keep improving or for safety? How long can i Keep going withe the test prop/npp mix + anadrol. I used the anadrol more like a cutting cycle and I have good results so far. total time since start of cycle 6-7 weeks

    6 feet
    200 pounds
    12% bodyfat

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    lay out your dosages...
    have you cycled before?

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    Ed 50mg anadrol
    EOD Test p 100 npp 100

    I’ve only done m1t cycles when I was younger now 34

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    I love Anadrol , its comes on quick and makes me strong as an ox, but any gains leave just as fast when I drop it. I've never ran it over 6 weeks.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "safety", none of this is super safe, but you can run the prop/npp mix at that dose forever ... 16weeks at least.
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