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Thread: Primo, Anavar, Proviron, Test

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    Primo, Anavar, Proviron, Test

    Just wanted to post up the latest cycle.

    Currently running:

    400mg Primobolan (pharm grade)
    50mg Proviron (pharm grade)
    50mg Anavar (haven’t used this in a long time since going over to Primo)
    250mg (Test E)

    I am about 5th week in and the composition change has already occurred. I know about people thinking Primo is slow acting but that’s far from the truth. I see changes as early as 3 weeks in besides the muscle fuller and hardness from the Primo.

    This cycle I added Proviron for some more hardness and get the sex drive up.

    I always run super low dose test just to maintain and I let the other compounds do the work.

    The Anavar I am adding into the cycle tomorrow and test running it on the back end of the cycle instead of using it as a jump start in the beginning.

    It’s been about a year and a half since I ran my last cycle.

    I’ve upped my cardio to daily 30 mins constant on the elliptical (I have bad knees).

    On my long day I do 45 mins of cardio. 5 min warm up, 25 mins HIIT, then 15 min incline walk on the treadmill.

    I do HIIT every other day because anything more then that I feel run down and over training for sure. Since I am running HIIT every other day I still see the high levels of fat loss and much better energy wise overall. Also HIIT increases your metabolism for up to 36 hours afterwards, so even though I’m doing constant cardio the day after my metabolism is in a heightened state.

    I will report back on how fast the Anavar kicks in ans what differences I see on the back end of the cycle. Just wanted to post up some info. The goal is to be very low BF% before summer hits. Might extend the primo and low dose test for an additional month after the Anavar is done.

    I am also running 400mg of Primo after talking with a couple guys from Olympia that are in the Classic Physique division. I know most people run high dosages and I have in the past but running lower levels I am seeing similar results. What I love about primo is that the gains stay....

    Forgot to add I am running 1.5iu’s of Norditropin.
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    Thank you for sharing, I love lowtest/primo/var. Been my bread & butter. Please keep us updated!
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    I have a few bottles of primo I am going to test after what I am running now and run it over the summer. Going to keep it low as suggested in this thread.

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    Man, I’m gonna have to contact my “dude” on this Primo business

    All I hear is positives

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    Just an update on the cycle.

    The anavar kicked in fast. Glad to see the old friend back lol. The pumps are very strong mid set and sometimes have to pull back somewhat. So far everything is great and have been really focusing on cleaning out the diet a little more and dropping any alternative liquids to water only. I tend to have a Diet Coke here or there because that’s my only cheat besides some Haribo Gummy bears here or there (they are the best) lol.

    After a week and a half of anavar I’m noticing a fuller muscle and more vascularity. The pumps during workouts are strong and increasing each day.

    I hurt my knee the other day playing sports so I had to stop the HIIT cardio and now just doing 30 mins constant PWO on the elliptical.

    Funny thing once I pulled back on the cardio I noticed an immediate physique change inside of 5 days. I think I was over training somewhat and was at too high of a calorie deficit on this cut. I started a little more protein uptake by adding in 6oz of Filet mignon daily. The body filled out and tightened a little more. Doubt it’s from the anavar that fast but overall moving in the right direction.

    I think in another 4 weeks I will start getting that ultra lean look I had prior to corona. Still looking to gain a solid 3-5lbs of muscle that stays long term post cycle. Still no bloat with this cycle at all and a nice tight dry look.

    Keep ya posted

    Edit: forgot I added in a Greek yogurt here or there where my body is telling me I’m hungry on certain days.
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    Very interested in your results of this cycle as have a fair few bottles of primo myself...
    Never ran it either.
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    Remember.............for us to help you you need to help us....................stats and exp.........

    Source checks and Ugl's to be kept to PM's
    dont ask for source checks unless you have 100 posts/and 45 days minimum as a participating member.........

    Booz.. a long-standing member of the AR Police:

    sorry but absolutely no sources will be checked at this present time....

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    Im still tried and true to the tren . Ive done some primo but probably kept the dose too low like i do my tren. Tren is just so convenient in not having to use as much but im gonna get serious and run the primo again at 500.

    Looks like a damn good cutting cycle
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    Dude if you like gummy bears, try the sour Albanesea gummy bears. They’re the best I’ve ever tried.
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