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    First proper cycle


    I just wanted to ask for a little advice.
    I read the sticky for a first cycle, so know how to go about a 500mg test only cycle.

    The thing is that i run 300mg for 12 weeks, so would I notice all that much difference with 500mg?

    I was thinking to run 500mg and also 200mg deca ( with Arimidex ), any thoughts?

    I run a trt dose of 120mg a week.

    When i was running the 300mg, I did so without an AI. I got super puffy with it, like I had been drinking solid for 3 weeks.

    In terms of goals, im more curious than anything, to see how my body responds.
    I definitely have some extra body fat, although i am not unfit.
    I have started on a circuit-style workout, to get come cardio and strength/conditioning. This style of workout seems to work well for me.


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    I like the way you think, brother!

    Since you have already done the 300mg Test per week and are on TRT, you could consider this experiment a lengthy blast.

    I believe what I would do in your shoes is start with 300mg Test and 200mg Deca per week without an AI to start. I think 300 Test / 200 Deca will aromatize less than 500 Test, though keep an AI on hand just in case. Anyhow, monitor that for a few weeks and then adjust the Test up if you are responding well. Watch your diet, that may help with the puffiness and allow you to run those doses with no or minimal AI.

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    Great stuff!
    Thanks a lot. Il follow your advice

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