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Thread: First cycle on Deca

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    First cycle on Deca

    Guys i need real help, i started my first cycle with 250 testo enanthat and 200 mg deca
    but someone told me that i need to increase my mg's 500 enanthate and 400 deca
    its my first week so should i increase my mg's like that? or should i keep going with 250 and 200
    What do you recommend to me?
    One more question, Should I continue deca for 10 weeks or 8 weeks?

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    things I've read around here is 12 weeks > 6 or 8 weeks on deca .

    200mg is a small, but effective dose 'after 6 weeks' (takes at least 6 weeks for deca to start working
    - repeating advice given to me) ... maybe pyramid up and back down over the course of 10 or 12 weeks. they said if yojre going to do a short cycle of nanrolone, to use NPP, not deca.
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