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Thread: Knee pain from var?

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    Knee pain from var?

    Sorry if this has been asked before or the wrong forum.

    Did about a 9 week var only cycle which ended around early april. I waited a few weeks to have blood work done and everything came back fine.

    I am 55, but havent experienced any significant joint pains other than my torn rotator cuff but that was surgically corrected a couple years ago.

    So anyway, was doing some weighted box steps a few weeks ago and my right knee started hurting pretty bad. Bad enough I couldn't continue. So I stopped doing those and moved to something else and finished the workout. My knee hurt pretty bad for several weeks following, so I havent done any legs for about a month. Been taking it easy and loading with just some duexis.

    The pain felt like it was behind the knee cap sort of. But I could rub the top edge of my knee cap and it was painful to touch there.

    My trainer said she thought it was from the tendons not keeping up with the muscle growth. I'm sure others have experienced this issue...maybe not on var specifically though.

    Is this something that will present it self in any subsequent cycles I do now? Is there a way to mitigate it if so?

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    Hard to pinpoint what causes things like this. It could be as simple as something you ingested did not agree with your joints (tofu, beer, etc) or possibly inflamation from overtraining. If it really bothers you and you have been through the antiinflamitory route then a doctor is in order.

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    Could be due to testosterone being somewhat suppressed from the var. Var will drop test levels, it just takes longer and when test levels drop so will estrogen levels. Joint pain from low E is not unheard of. Or, shit just happens and sometimes things just hurt. I have one steady injury, it just travels around to different body parts frequetly!
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    Thanks. I pretty much eat the same thing day in and day out. Lol

    Well my test levels were back to normal by the time this pain presented itself. On the and had my blood work done about a month after cycle ended.

    I'll look again to make sure what my specific test numbers were. I have the printed copy.

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