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Thread: 1st cycle help (sides)

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    1st cycle help (sides)

    Hello all, I apologize I have not introduce myself in the other thread, but I am in need of some help. 25 y/o 5'4 157 lbs

    I started my first 12 week cycle as such:

    500 test e / week
    .25 arimidex . eod

    I am roughly 6 weeks in and a week ago I have puffy nipples, sensitivity, and very small lumps under both nipples.

    I was out of town and only with dex on hand which i raised to .5 eod.

    sensitivity decreased a bit although still puffiness so i decided to run nolvadex at 20 mg ed along side my usual .5 dex eod which i started 4 days ago.

    When I take my nolva in the morning my nipples are completely normal, towards the evening after gym and settling down they begin to go puffy throughout the night which I found odd, my question is:

    is this the correct protocol to try and treat any gyno have developed while on cycle/throughout remainder of cycle? Should I raise either ancillary? Perhaps switch to rolax? I have pre cycle bloods if needed and bloods scheduled 2 weeks from now..

    Could use extra insight, really appreciate any help in advance.

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    As far as I know, you get your blood work in between your cycle, check your E2 only then you will be able to determine the adex dose for yourself.
    Everyone is different, some people are more sensitive and are gyno prone.

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    To reverse gyno I have read that you need to use Raloxifene until it is reversed. I hope someone explains this better.

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    The difference in your nipples in the morning vs the evening is normal. That is water retention.

    Nolvadex at 10mg for first week and 5mg per day for second and subsequent weeks until gone is usually sufficient to reverse gyno.

    Puffy nipples and sensitivity are normal signs of hormonal fluctuation. Are you SURE about the lumps? Sometimes it is just fatty deposits, not true gynecomastia . We are all paranoid when we first dip our toes in the water, but it is fairly rare to have legit gyno. Higher bodyfat can lead to more aromatization, and I don't see your BF%.

    Rather than killing your estrogen with AI, get your bloods pulled and have someone more knowledgeable confirm or deny the presence of gyno.

    It's OK to be a little paranoid. Better safe than sorry. But you don't want to kill your first cycle with AI. Better to reduce the dose or increase injection frequency.
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    run nolva 20 mg for 2 weeks , after check E2 lab test to confirm
    if e2 is high , take aramdex good brand company

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