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    CLEN: Cardio and calories burned

    Hey guys, first of all, thanks to the people running this forum and its contributors. Very informative and helpful.

    My question is in relation to calories burnt while doing cardio on Clenbuterol .

    Today I did 18 minutes of walking at 5KMPH on a 4% incline. My average heart rate within this time period was 150BPM (peaking at 165). I measured this using my phone HR sensor and also the one on the treadmill. The readings were consistent between the two.

    Now when I insert my average BPM (along with my age and weight) into calculators online, it tells me I have burnt 250+ calories. However, I find this hard to believe as it was relatively easy. The whole while I would have been able to hold a conversation just fine. Should i trust these calculators? If not, how do I ballpark how much i burnt?

    My stats and dosing:
    Resting HR: 75BPM
    Resting HR on Clen :110BPM
    Current dose: 80mcg/day in single-dose, 1 hour before workout.

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    I don't trust them personally. I trust the heart rate monitor but not the calorie count, but it might be a good ballpark estimate.

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