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  • All out and run several compounds (D-bol/Test/Deca)

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  • Run only one compound (Test)

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    ALL out or keep it simple first cycle?

    Ok here is my question. Is it better to go out all out on your first cycle and run say three compounds such as D-bol/test/deca , or keep it simple and only run one compound like test. I have been on A.R. for a while now and seem to see arguments for both. I can see the argument for running one compound like test and seeing how your body reacts to it, and the dogsae, and being able to gauge what is best, but I have also seen several people saying to go all out being that your receptors are fresh and your first time around is always the best. I know this also depends on your goals. Mine personally are just to get jacked. I have a typical ecto-meso frame (a little more on the ecto side). This question does not necessarily have to apply to myslef even though i do have my first ride planned for this fall and have all the gear but I would just like some feed back. Your opinion with specific reasons and explanations for either argument is greatly appreaciated.

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    look at anabolic steroids as any other drug, whats the point of drinking 10 shots of liquor the first time u ever drink when 3 will get u fucked up.??

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    keep it simple bro,
    mainly because you want to find out how you react to certain compounds before you start stacking one on top of the other.
    besides, if you mix something like deca and test, you wont know how to treat the symptoms if they do come. best to go the safe route, and deal with things one at a time.

    peace I4L

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