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    At home Testosterone check kit... + getting back on a cycle...

    Hey guys I did one of those $60 dollar at home kits where you have to prick your fingers to get a vial of blood out... it comes with a envelope and prepaid label... sent it to the lab... they called me and said my testosterone is abnormally high.. at 1182... normal is between 260-850 she said. hmmm... I haven't been on ANYTHING in 4 months... maybe longer. Anyway I didn't care what the results were so i started what I'm starting just today.... Any input on why my testosterone is so high when I wasn't taking anything????

    I started today 50mg tren ace / 50mg test prop / 50mg masteron p everyday. so that's 350mg / week of each. I'm feeling pretty down about a relationship I just got out of... was in an 8 year one.. and a year ago she cheated and then we got dueling restraining orders on each other... then another gal was with me for the last year and we just broke up... I need to get back to feeling good.

    2019 I was 230 lbs... dropped down to 177 by 2020 looking really good (to me anyway) now I'm at 200lbs. just need to get back~! Thanks for also letting me vent a little guys!

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    Your total test levels could be that high for a number of reasons. It could be caused by a tumor.

    But most likely, it's just a cheap inaccurate test. Also your total test really isn't as important as your free test. I would've had it retested at a reputable lab and pushed back the cycle.

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